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Located in La Saline les bains, a very popular seaside resort, La Case Maui welcomes you to its accommodation and welcomes you. We hope you will have a pleasant stay.
Whether you are on holiday, on a business trip or on a romantic getaway, La Case Mauï offers you the comfort of a starred hotel while keeping the freedom to feel at home. Fully equipped and decorated with care, each apartment responds to different desires.
La Case Mauï is characterized by its warm welcome and a family atmosphere.

After crossing the street, a fishing path will give you direct access to the white sandy beach. Enjoy the view or enjoy the show while sipping a drink at sunset on the beach or on the terrace of a restaurant as you are 5 minutes from the restaurants/beaches.
The lagoon of La Saline les bains is one of the only places where swimming is safe. Its geographical location is an asset for your departures on excursions so let yourself be tempted for a moment of serenity and idleness…”

For the record, Maui is one of the great heroes of Polynesian oral literature. The stories of his exploits can be found in almost all the Polynesian islands, with few variations in name. Maui is generally considered a “demi-god”. In other places, he is considered an “ancestor”. His stories have been told for 3500 years or more. There are many adventures concerning him and it is not without reason that he is nicknamed Maui-aux-mille-tours. Throughout the Pacific, Maui legends explain the acquisition of the elements necessary for life, including access to knowledge, the discovery of the earth, the origin of fire or the cycle of seasons determined by the cycles of the sun.

Surroundings of the establishment

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Restaurants and markets

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0,1 km

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Natural environment

• Garden of Eden
3,7 km

• Kélonia
8 km

• Cormorant Basin River
8 km

Nearest airports

• Saint-Denis de La Réunion Roland Garros Airport
36,5 km